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Bienvenido a mapa de retratos. Observar y explorar realidades es lo que hago.

Conocerlas y mostrarlas es mi trabajo. Siempre abierta a nuevos mundos y puntos de vista.

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Started his career as a staff photojournalist in the newspaper Heraldo de Aragón. www.heraldo.es

I am a freelance journalist now focused in human rights issues and portraits and storytelling in conflict areas.

Among his stories of tribes in the South Pacific and Australia , Maoris in New Zealand, traditional festivals in Japan, christians in Damascus (Syria), Miners at Cerro Rico of Potosí

( Bolivia ) and the documentary OPENCAMERAS non profit project that documents are and supports the lives of children and adolescents at risk and working kids in Bolivia .

Currently his journalistic work focuses on portraits of people and chronic trouble spots such as Ukraine, Palestine and Kurdistan.

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Última entrevista acerca de este proyecto: en Made in Zaragoza 2 de mayo 2014 por Sergio Ruperez

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